Idea #05: Stackable Chair

Suppose you have you are hosting a barbecue, but since you live in a small apartament, you don’t keep spare chairs laying around.

Aside from renting chairs or asking your neighboor, there is folding chairs and those plastic bar chairs that go on top of the other. But those things are not fancy – and you want fancy chairs!

Well here is an idea for a furniture:


Don’t mind the awful paint drawing, but I never taught myself a better tool. The back foot of the chair above is omitted.

The idea is a smaller chair that can fit under and behind the larger chair. And then another, and so on. I’ve seen this on tables before so it’s not an original idea, but never in chairs.

But how many chairs could you put in the space that would normally be occupied by a single chair?

Let’s see: the chair would have to have a thinkness (e) in order to stand. There would also be a gap (g) between the chairs. And finally, if you stacked too much, the upper chair would be too high and the lower too low. It would also become to narrow for a person to sit.

Some guesses for a somewhat large wooden chair are:

  • D = 50 cm
  • d = 25 cm
  • e = 3 cm
  • g = 0.3 cm

Doing some math alternating the gaps and chairs, you find that you could fit seven chairs in the space of one.

If the chair is metal, it can be made thinner:

  • e = 1.5 cm

So there could be fourteen chairs in one space! That’s a lot of chairs. It almost made me consider a career change.

There is a catch: the chair would not have the beam under the seat, that prevents the legs from opening, like the one in this picture:


From a DIY webpage. All credit of this beauty is due to image source

The solution to this is to use, on each side of the chair, a strong elastic wire with a hook that can be attached when the chair is going to be used. It might not even be necessary if the chair is robust.

Now before you go on building your stackable chair make sure to double check these calculations. It’s a bit empirical to know the thickness required to support an average person’s weight.

If you do build one, make sure to let me know so I can buy it.

[IMAGE: luxurious kitchen image source]