Idea #10: Guns

Depending on the society, the access to firearms can be more or less controlled. Most countries have very tight restrictions to the usage of these items, no doubt due to how tied they are to violence and crime.

Regardless of the policy, it’s in the interest of the state to be able to know precisely where are the guns, particularly the more restricted classes that cross the borders in the dark. These guns have the potential to be used in bank assaults and mass shootings.

Surprisingly enough, there is little way to pinpont the location of a weapon from afar. Without submitting  everyone though a meticulous search, you could use for instance this experimental long-distance testing device.

This idea is a proposal for another long-range testing device. Is it possible to make a gun pipe ressonate, either by an acoustic or electromagnetic wave?

Well every gun has a pipe, and due to mass production there should be a limited selection of pipe calibers and lengths. If you could make a gun emit, for example, a wistle at a distance, you would have the means to detect it.

And perhaps not only detect – Imagine that you make the gun pipe vibrate with a powerful enough wave, tuned to the ressonating frequence. You could render aim more difficult to make. A whole EWAR field could be born.

Unfortunately, I found very little useful data as to estimate how strong would an acoustic wave have to be and at what frequency range would it lie. Perhaps an experiment could shed some light on this.

Hopefully, a better tools such as this could contribute to a world with less guns, or at least less unauthorized ones.

[IMAGE: Soldier with gun. image source]